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      Lisa serves the infamous George Aiken's coffee. This was a sacred ritual at the lower end of Wood Street. Where is Lisa today? Lisa also worked for a time at Elio's pizza and pretty much rolled her eyes when talking to anyone from Asterik Studios. Lance Parker had a sweet spot for Lisa.

      Jack Farnsworth was a stalwart Duke who moved into emmett's room at the Home for Unwed Musicians on Wood St. The Jack Farnsworth Archive is an ongoing document that personifies an era.

The Penthouse
    Grover was Jimmy's beloved dog. He walked off the street into Jimmy's heart. This photo was taken just before Jimmy built his 'rooftop chalet' studio space. No construction plans were needed as Jimmy lined up the framework by eye. The crew worked for beer and joints.

Rooftop View of Franklin St.
    I finally discovered a photo of Ralph "the American" Cominio. Ralph loved HO trains and often wore an engineer's hat when operating the console.(alleged to have been purchased from Electric Ladyland studios in New York.) Once Ralph interrupted a recording session and told the band that they would have to stop recording unless they could produce a joint within 5 minutes.
   After work, Ralph would take the final band mixes home and play them for his dogs. If the dogs howled, Ralph knew the band would have some degree of success. To escape from the rigors of recording, Ralph and Carol Arnold would often go white-water rafting.
    For many years, Ralph never paid any state sales tax. Ralph offered to record for the state but they only wanted their tax money. Once, emmett took a payment to the state attorney generals office in downtown Pittsburgh and accompanied it with a saxophone solo. Before the state could foreclose on Asterik Studios, Ralph took the equipment and set up shop in a small building along the railroad tracks in Swissvale. Always an outlaw, Ralph's wild spirit will live with us forever.