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      After his divorce, emmett moved from Bloomfield into The Home for Wayward Musicians which after the band's bad luck with women was changed to The Home for Unwed Musicians. Jimmy Sapienza (5 Guys Named Moe ) and his mother Alice Sapienza ran the establishment. Downstairs, Alice was proprietor of Thomas Barth Formals. and also rented to Elio's pizza.
      During this period, emmett lived in a tiny office with only a sink, refrigerator, bed, desk and a piano. Across the hall was a disco dance studio which was later replaced by The Carl Jung Educational Society. Next door was the infamous Asterik Recording Studios operated by Ralph Cominio.

      Many musicans recorded at Asterik during the 70s and 80s. Bands such as X15, the Iron City Houserockers, Diamond Reo, Norm Nardini and the Tigers , Floyd Beck, and Larry McGee all made demos that netted record deals. Jimmy Sapienza and Elmer Willett (Vogues mgr.) made numerous song demos. Several commercials as well as a Shriner's album that received a pressing of 30,000 copies, gospel choirs, folk musicians on the Wildebeast label (producer Vaughn Lofstead), and Emmett's Sound Paintings were recorded here.
      If a band didn't have enough money, Ralph would trade for the band's equipment, joints or labor. Kenny Pelkey and Hank Rice were two of the studios most prolific engineers.
    Ralph would religiously begin the day with George Aiken's coffee and usually followed that with a few joints. Norm Nardini's song Smoke Two Joints received extensive airplay in Europe.    Tunes and T Doverspike spent months recording a demo for X15. Tunes is now a martial arts instructor. The Crusaders booked time once and listened to one of their production mixes while on tour.

Tunes (David Cross)
    Carol Arnold was a close friend and confidante of Ralph Cominio. Her son Ross Arnold engineered as a teenager and eventually studied electronic technology. Often after Ralph closed the studio, he would walk to Carol's house in Swissvale. Ralph and Carol would often invite neighbors and engage in long discussions. Many times such luminaries as Jim Jenkins would hang out. During this period, Bob 'Spider' Wenzel was introduced to Jim.
     Bob and Jim embarked on a slide show of "Orlando Furioso...He's a BadAss". This was filmed in a dayglo sandbox. Jim Jenkins drew a military mural on Carol's living room wall, a true manifestation of a fascist artist! Jim used to paint murals on the beer distributor's wall in Regent Square. Once he painted an army tank. Jim Jenkins was well-known for his box sculptures. Two of his box sculptures adorn the front and back covers of emmett's Sound Paintings album.    Lance Parker's Fancy Cones

Just below the rail trestle on Wood St. is a little hole-in-the-wall where Lance Parker ran Fancy Cones , one of his many enterprises. Lance played saxophone with Harry Cardillo (piano), Dave LaRocca (upright bass), and Richie Scampone (drums) at Lou's in Shadyside. Lance ran for Pittsburgh City Council, helped tear down the Leona Theatre in Homestead with his backhoe and ran numerous pawn shops in Wilkinsburg and West Homestead. He started the rumor the Jimmy Sapienza had scored the house band gig on the Howard Stern show. This rumor was spread so efficiently by Frenchy Burrito that people were calling up Jimmy to congratulate him.

    Babe Fabrizi was so rhythmic that many claimed that he walked in '6/8' time. Babe taught many drummers at his studio pictured here. Babe eventually retired to Florida. In the 40s and 50s, Babe played with many big bands. Jo Gabriel's drummer, Linda Mackley was Babe's neice and taught there when she was 15. The Pittsburgh Foundation lists the Eugene "Babe" Fabrizi Fund to Educate Percussion Students.