Who can resist such literature?

   During my early teens, I developed a passion for rabbit raising. Maybe it harkens back to South Dakota trips to Midland where my mom grew up. Her family had a pure agricultural heritage. Her parents grew up on the prairie. Or maybe it was the compulsion not to have just one or two rabbits, but as many as 50.

    Rabbit Raising is an ideal hobby for someone who thinks they're embarking on a valid business venture. After all, all you need is a hammer and nails, some lumber, wire and a driven personality to get started. As you build the first rabbit hutch, you envision the beginnings of a huge empire that will enslave these tiny creatures to create your personal fame and fortune !
( At the time, I was in complete denial of my vegetarian tendencies. Did I really believe that I would suddenly start butchering these animals and start eating them?)