The Nicholas C. Ridge Free Library
The Nicholas C Ridge Free Library, Installed: 06.22.2014
Location: 5148 Friendship Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224    Contact:
Founder: Nicholas C Ridge       Head Librarian: Scout Smith

The Nicholas C Ridge Free Library is seeking members for its Board of Directors.   There is no age limit.  It is the hope that this little edifice will provide a means for each library member to refer others to important community considerations.


Scout Smith, an avid reader, was intrigued by the small libraries she had encountered in the Regent Square area of Pittsburgh.  One evening, she took contractor and woodworker Nicholas Ridge to see several of the small free library structures.  Ms. Smith then stated that she would like to commission Mr. Ridge to build a similar edifice.

Several months passed.  Ms. Smith returned to her daily routines.  The concept receded during this time.  On Christmas morning, 2013, her friend Joann Haughton came to the door and exclaimed, "I see you got your little library".  A puzzled Ms. Smith replied, "What are you talking about?".  Stepping out onto the porch was the little free library. Ms. Smith: "I was overwhelmed".

Mr. Ridge resides with a family of avid readers.  Hunting as well as the enjoyment of fine wines combined with high cuisine are among the interests of Mr. Ridge.  An aquatic activity center is also maintained at his residence.  It is anticipated that the new board of directors will commission a small portrait of Mr. Ridge that will hang in the library that will enhance the weekly poetry offerings.