Huber Minutae

Read the legal transcript in the alleged Giant Eagle 'Grazing' incident that is documented in the Huber Court Case link.

Before the internet, Huber published events listings for his organization the PFA - Pennsylvania Festivals Association. Always zany and cryptic, these examples offer an opaque view of the Huber psyche.

This piece demonstrates Huber's imaginative and humorous treatment of a pet obituary.

Huber's big heros were Ken Kesey and Hunter S. Thompson. This Philomena O'Day photo captures that spirit.

This Paste-Up Art Section demonstrates Huber's Juxtapositioning of Found Images. Often Huber would go into a Kinko's (FedEx) and start cutting and pasting using the store's supplies. Huber would often leave a huge mess of scraps to achieve his results.