Last year,as EPA CEO-(Exec)*I classified Monitors as..'endangered',thus every smuggler,bounty hunters,r.poachers, eradicated 99% of our cRYpt0zological problem,in FL,taken cause beleived be.."extreme valuable"..i.e. 'Protected species...ZOO-illogical.; 'its no skin off-my-back'. Revile repTiles/ no reverberations,or abberations such as those forked tongued scaly,beady eyed/ afro-amer.throwbacks>gone< U can now go bacd-in-water/ djh gonzo herpitologist,fraudulently rehashing truth since 60's..


my bid too low,Elvis drew on me,gunslung low,worth price,I'll keep frame.."he's no John wayne'


re: Enemies List: FBI dam HooVer,had me pegged,meeting Jane Fonda,march against Pentagon,'67. They follow me cause of my search for Sasquatch,.."Big Foot",they hav taken a pair of my boots, & banned my blog on EXtra terrestrials,..cause they are aliens,too. Member, Occupy WhiteHouse/ djh;gonzo journ/ cc:Mike Wallace


"make U an offer U cant refuse (no refutation)" See Mob Museum Link


DJH,gonzo 'hip' journalistic jargon & jingle writer has the slogan for this election(rejection) year: YOU have right to bear arms"), if the SHOE fits, weAR IT OUT: "i HAVE THE RIGHT TO bare legs." SEE MY THRONG PHOTO,ywca POOL, 1986,Life mag caption" & 8-track. He has a leg up,on everyone". *always wear shorts kicking can down road.


todays NY Times,&online see: tommy Femia. Does over rainbow in drag Whos next? I hav the nose to do Barbra DJH Gonzo journ/societal (suicidal?)media while meditating.Call medics OD.."over dam raibow", cc:mia farrow


Specific, encrypted/ illumination: for attribution, (not to be rehashed,enmeshed,denigraTED,OR CONVERTED BRAILLE> "U must remember this, an e-mail sure beats snaIL, AN ipod BETTER'n a ebod, take ()2 (two encapsulated) IT tablets,(spam*free)& call (text)me in new millenium..dj huber, protagonist/gonZo journalist. see Ship Hotel' by Rick Sebak,& lets see his dvds on RT-30,et.al Always, dj