Frisbee Blog 12.02.2011

Highlight Photo from the Third Annual Caseworker's Recovery Party

Actually, this is the only photo taken by the host. The frontier theme soon evaporated. The guests dove into fluid, well er...fluids. The event is held every year on November 10th, the day before Veterans Day.

The Third Annual featured Sharon Brown as DJ. Warming up was house band 48 Skiddoo. Sharon Brown and partner took the caseworkers on a dancing excursion. Something for young, old and even line dancing.

All of the guests remained relaxed. Smoking seminars were conducted on the front porch. There were no medical incidents. No arrests were made.

Caseworkers, security guards and some management attended. In lieu of the tire rotation seminar (an annual favorite), an electric lemonade seminar was conducted. All procedures conformed to existing OPs memos. The experiment was inconclusive.