Always Struggling

What is Music Anyway?

This photo was taken in the back of Lou's. emmett would often practice before gigs. it had always been his desire to play sax. he bought his first sax when he was 23 after landing in Meadville in 1973. He had just come off the road with the Sounds West group. Sounds West was headed to Texas.

The woman in the picture is Bonnie. Maybe someone knows her last name. She hung out at Lou's. Notice the flip flops. Emmett is wearing a vintage Hawaiian shirt, white pants and combat boots from his tenure in the National Guard.

donna tabor took the photograph. She always encouraged emmett in his musical pursuits. Donna first met Emmett when he auditioned with Dan Gleason. The duo joined the Together with Heather band. Dan Gleason resided in her home in Hankey Farms. Donna was a producer at Channel 11 and arranged a session with emmett and kenny blake. she also booked emmett in the McKeesport Sheraton and at the Franklin Voyager Inn. Even Donna's guidance could not change emmett's aimless trajectory.

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