Playing Hippie Standards

Playing the Hippie Standards

This photo depicts a later incarnation of StreetPlayer. THe members remember the infamous band fund used to purchase equipment. The addition of Arnold Stagger on bass and Bob Fetherlin provided a new feel to the rhythm section. The band did not change its set list.

Bob Wenzel, Dan Gleason and Winston T Good had left the band for other pursuits at this point. Bob Wenzel went on to play with Carsickness. Shorly thereafter, he organized Science Fiction. Dan Gleason went on the road with a touring band. Winston enrolled in graduate school.

StreetPlayer had been playing for over one year at Lou's. The band played one engagement at another venue and Nick Fratangelo in his insecurity promptly fired the band. Arnold Stagger went on to play with the Silk band. Gary Bodnar returned to his real estate business. Bob Fetherlin sat in with many groups. The ride ended.

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