Playing Hippie Standards

Playing the Hippie Standards

The infamous Lou's was one of a handful of clubs that offered live bands in Shadyside. The Balcony and the Raspberry Rhinocerous also featued live music. The Gazebo was in existence at this time. Today Shadyside has devolved into an upscale shopping district. Much less flavor but more expensive.

The photo shows a later version of Street Player. Originally, Bob Wenzel and Emmett started the band as a support system for their horn section. Rich Matesic was drafted along with Winston T Good and Dan Gleason. The band then added Gary Bodnar as the second front person.

Martha Rial once was a waitress here. Deb McDonald was the main attraction behind the bar. Nick Fratangelo was the miserly owner who later opened a drive-thru strip club in New Alexandria, PA. The bar was eventually closed and sub-divided for maximum profit potential. Culture came to an end.

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