Average Lounge Band

Frisbee Sells Out to Lounge Act Sounds West

Sounds West was the first group that Emmett played in that actually paid his bills. The lure of an income was particularly attractive. Emmett was married to Billie and daughter Sunshine was 2. The couple hoped to build a geodesic dome on the 40 acres of land they had purchased near Madrid, NM.

Bob Marks (aka Bobby Cottonwood) the leader, posted an ad at several music stores and hired Emmett and Dan Gleason. After that, Bob auditioned and hired Delayne Johnson who had just graduated from high school in the Albuquerque area. Bob wanted to play in the Albuquerque-Santa Fe area at the Hilton Inns. When the band did not make the audition, Bob Marks called his agent (Joy Healy in LA) to get a booking somewhere. Somewhere turned out to be Missoula, MT. The year was 1973.

The band rehearsed for many weeks at 702 Lomas Blvd., Albuquerque, NM, Emmett's and Billie's apartment. For Emmett, it was his first experience singing back-up and playing songs that had more than 2 chord changes. Lounge music was considered 'selling out' at the time. At that time, each band member made $200 per week plus received rooms and half off on meals at the Holiday Inns.

The band performed three weeks each in Missoula and Great Falls, MT. Sioux Falls, SD was the next destination but travel was interrupted by the fatal accident in Billings, MT.

The band regrouped and added singer Mary Anne, a recent graduate of Augastana College. The band went on to South Sioux City, Nebraska at which point Dan Gleason left the band. Bob Hinkson then joined the band which returned to LA to regroup. The band stayed with Bob Marks' parents while Bob Marks worked on bookings. The band played a few casual gigs then headed for Des Moines, IA and then onto Menominee Falls, WI then to Meadville, PA. from where Emmett had left only about 2 years ago. Emmett left the band after the Meadville, PA gig to resettle with Billie and Sunshine.

Bob Marks (aka Bobby Cottonwood)