Tragedy in Billings, MT

Lead Singer Dies in Accident near Billings, MT

After playing a successful engagement at the smallest Holiday Inn in the US, Sounds West traveled to Great Falls, MT. The band made several friends in Missoula. Mark took Dan and Emmett on a whitewater rafting trip on the Blackfoot river. The barmaids, Melody Asti and Marilyn Stanley, took the band to Paradise, MT for a Sunday of drinking. Delayne fell in love with a man named Josh and traveled back and forth from Missoula to Great Falls to see him. Billie and Sunshine flew up to Great Falls to join the band on the road. The next gig was in Sioux Falls, SD, 900 miles away.

After finishing Sat. night in Great Falls, the band packed up and would drive straight through. Bob Marks' van took Emmett, Billie and Sunshine. Delayne rode with Dan in his pick-up truck. As emmett remembers, he was driving the van at daybreak just outside Billings, MT. The Ford pick-up was several miles ahead. As emmett came over a ridge, he noticed an overturned vehicle. It was Dan's truck, Delayne was driving and had fallen asleep at the wheel. She lay in a field, Dan was covered in blood and was waving to us. We tried to recusitate Delayne but she was dead. The tragedy weighed heavily on everyone.