Frisbee Blog 11.01.2011

A Northside Souvenir

Although Luther DeJarunett was regarded as a jazz musician in his later years, his accompliahments in pop music were greatly in evidence with Brass Monkey and later in the Old School Band. Pictured here are Luther, bassist Jerry Brown, drummer Fletcher Tomlin and vocalist Flo Wilson.

Shortly after Luther's mother passed away, Luther was in need of housing. After conferring with Christine, Emmett told Luther that he could stay for three weeks at the Frisbee household but could not entertain his crack addicted girlfriend.

Six weeks later, Luther had settled in. His possessions included thousands of DVDs and CDs as well as numerous publications ranging from music instruction to pornography. Everything was situated around the pull out sofa and stacked almost to the ceiling on all sides. Emmett's wife was at first apprehensive but in later years would smile affectionately. Luther turned the Frisbees on to movies and music. It was almost hysterical to see Luther teaching students in these cramped quarters.

Christine asked Luther, "How's your housing search going?". Luther replied, "Not many prospects." Christine asked, "Did you see the 'For Rent' sign in the building across the street?". Luther eventually moved across the street. Every night one could hear Luther's sweet singing guitar. During the daytime, Luther would sit on the steps and play his guitar. Many of the older men in the neighborhood would sit nearby to converse and listen. The neighborhood was never sweeter.

Once a patron from the Manteca Lounge approached Luther as he was playing and asked, "Do you have an extra cigarette?" Luther responded with a question, "Are you asking me, did I get 21 cigrattes instead of 20 in the pack?", then continued, "For a smoker, there are no extra cigarettes." Luther eventually quit smoking due to health problems. His diabetes required him to time his eating so that he ate just before and after gigs. He never did any drugs nor alcohol.