Lounge Continued

This End Up

This band featured Christie 'where-are-you-now?' Kightlinger. Christie was the lead singer in emmett's first band, the Naked Sound, a mostly psychedelic cover band. On the far left is pedal steel guitarist Tom Hamilton who later distinguished himself with Bobby Bare. The drummer is from Erie, discovered in a hip trio that played in Meadville's bar the Other Place (The Penny Bar). On the far right is Gary Culver, guitarist who is a gentle yet incongruous primitive. The shirts are definitely collectable.

The band played one gig in Beaver Falls and was not well received. The drummer told his girlfriend to always stay close to him as there were 'white-slavers' lurking everywhere, ready to enslave her. (To say the least, she was a bit naive.) Gary Culver is one of emmett's favorite people.

Members of the Naked Sound included, Kristy Kightlinger, Bob Hinkson, Randy Hughes, John Blanchard and emmett. The bad played at the Bradford Pitt Campus opening for the Spencer Davis Group.

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