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Circa 1962. Christ Methodist Church, Bethel Park, PA confirmation class. There I am encircled in green. (1.) John Weber, a friend, Eagle Scout and leader. The Webers were active in the church and in scouts. (2.) Kathy Yohe, a friend through high school. (3.) Kathy McClain whose dad was an inspirational scout leader. (4.) Barbara Lennox a good high school friend. I often fantasized about heavy petting in a forest with Barb. (5.) Shirley Morey. (6.) Kathy Parkins who became a ravishing redhead. (7.) Betsy (? last name) shown in upper left inset. The thought of this woman always haunted me. In 7th grade music class, we had a pinata. The teacher warned the boys not to swing too hard so as not to injure anyone. Of course, no one listened and Betsy was struck in the head quite violently with the stick. I always worried about her as she never seemed quite the same after this incident. (8.) Gary Vroohman