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Wetting the Bed

JOHN HERCHENRIDER and I were babies together along with David Cole. The Coles and Herchenriders were GE families. We knew both families in Schenectady, NY and Roanoke, VA. Mr. Cole became a scoutmaster and I reunited with David and his dad at the 1964 Valley Forge Jamboree. We were 14. Mr. Cole died prematurely.

Norma Herchenrider still lives in Charlotesville,VA. Husband Dick Herchenrider recently passed away. Bob, Jim and Bruce are John's younger brothers. John is incredibly talented. He has sailed in the Pacific and prior to that ran his own live sound company that used tractor trailers for big concerts.

Brad and I used to sleep over at the Herchenriders home. I remember the phosphorescent stars on the ceiling of his room. Mrs. Herchenrider scolded me once for feeding the dog portions of my dinner. I hitched across southern VA while at Army Reserve summer camp to Smith Mt. Dam and Lake in the early 70s to see the Herchenriders.