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Jimmy Hitchcock lived on Orchard Drive across from our family in Schenectady, NY. I would constantly boss him around. Once he came over and called to me. I gruffly replied, "Well, what do you want, Jimmy?". Jimmy meekly replied, "My mom told me not to listen to you and that I'm supposed to hit you". I asked, "Why would you want to do that?"

I first learned to ride a bike on Orchard Drive. Ruthie Schmidt would steady me until I got going. The only problem was how to stop. I crashed into the back of our garage.

Mom recalls me filling all of the tulips up with small stones. She looked out the window one minute seeing upright flowers and in the next a line of drooping tulips.

Another time I went over to the next housing plan. A woman came up and asked if we had lost $2. I lied and said that I did in fact lose $2. She asked how I had earned the money. I replied truthfully that I had stacked bricks for my parents. When I got home, my parents worked me over so intensely that I wished that I could resume stacking bricks. The $2 was returned.

I earned enough money from stacking bricks and other jobs to purchase a Daisy BB gun. Just as in a 'Christmas Story', I was repeatedly warned to be careful or I'd shoot someone's eye out.