Always Inspiring (and goading)

This American artist has extended the metaphors of nature and art. Beginning with vegetable expressionism, Catherine Parrish's work has extended to arbor reconstructionism. The beginnings of her talent were apparent with her early pumpkin carvings. Continuing her horticultural studies, Parrish designed a series of numbered hand-painted leaves that were attached to a dying leafless tree in the cityscape of Craig Street in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh. The reaction to this work was somewhat muted as many passers-by rarely gazed upwards in their unresponsive numbness, characteristic of the current milieu. It is thrilling to offer private correspondence from Ms. Parrish.

Parrish painted heavily during her Taylor Street period and also curated. Pictured is an example of her work. The paintings are awaiting cataloging. Her painting style matured during her Southern sojourn in Atlanta. Upon completing her horticultural degree, Parrish toured the country and eventully settled in Menlo Park where she remains in residence. Parrish now creates on the 8000 acre Stanford University campus.