Parking Strike - Pittsburgh,PA - September through December 2005
Local 926 attempts to save living wage jobs
and stop union busting in Pittsburgh

Always Picking on the Little Guy

Local 926 went on strike against Merrill Stabile owner of Alco Parking and the Pittsburgh Parking Authority. Rather than attempt to reward their loyal employees with a fair contract, the 'bean-counting' mentality reared its ugly head. Proposals by both companies seek to undermine provisions in the expired contract which gave benefits and a top gross annual salary of $26,000/yr to each employee. Current proposals by the two companies want to erode benefits and offer minimal wage increases which would not even cover employee contributions toward health care. What's more preposterous is the proposed elimination of job classifications

Call the Parking Authority and demand a just and fair end to this strike.
Call Your City Councilman and State Representative to demand justice.

photos copyright 2005 sarah arndt